Hydrangeas Week is held now. Yanagidani-kannon-youkokuji, like kiyomizudera in western part of Kyoto.1

あじさいウィーク開催中♪ 西の清水【柳谷観音 楊谷寺】


Hydrangeas Week is held now. Yanagidani-kannon-youkokuji, like kiyomizudera in western part of Kyoto.1

by まどか佐希

It takes 15minuites by car to go to Yanagidani-kannon-youkokuji
,which is surrunded by mountains, from Hankyunagakoka Tenjin Station.
The Hydrangeas blooming is at their best now.
※Visiting the temple for this report was on June 14,2018.

I went along a winding road ,while I bacame nervous brecause of no sing for it,

柳谷観音楊谷寺 看板

I found this funny sign suddenly 
And at the same time beautiful Hydrangeas were welcomed,

After I had climbed this steps, The Main Gate stands solemnly.

柳谷観音楊谷寺 山門

Entrance fee is 200 yen during Hydrangeas week

— How do you think of a good point of Hydranges in your temple.

We have a lot of kind of Hydrangeas and our garden is wide.
So the period duing blooming is longer because they get a various kind of sun light condition,
for example sun or shadow.

I was happy to hear your words.
Timing is important for enjoying blooming flowers at thier best.
The Hydrangeas in the Yanagidani-kannon-youkokuji keep the best time.

柳谷観音楊谷寺 本堂・ご本尊

Rare praying style to kannon without taking off shoes.
“Juichimensenjusengan-kannonbosatsu is the principal image that gives effects of eye deseadse.
nd open every 17th and 18th of the month.
We can look at it here.

柳谷観音楊谷寺 浄土苑

Enkianthus perulatus and maple trees are plantged.
In May, perulus blooms season and in November we would like to come andsee then.oou

Josho-in is is special place openedl in every 17th in mornng.
I heard landscape from Sho-in and Josho-hn are qyuitdiffr

柳谷観音楊谷寺 紫陽花1

Here new kind of attructionin Kehdi

strange sound color”Shinkinkutsu”

柳谷観音楊谷寺 心琴窟1

柳谷観音楊谷寺 心琴窟2

“Shinkinkuytsu” is a garden acoustic making device which, When we drops of water falt and ebjov it .
Yanagidani-kannon-youkokuji want peope not to watch it but to listen to it, so they call it “Shinkinkutus”

Long “Hydrogeneas collidor”

柳谷観音楊谷寺 あじさい回廊

Hydrangeas are planted both right andleft side”. We walk enjoyingthe beauty

柳谷観音楊谷寺 あじさい回廊2
柳谷観音楊谷寺 あじさい回廊3

This area does not get much sunny time, so blooming is late.
So do notblooing eatly.

We arrived at last”Okunoin”

柳谷観音楊谷寺 奥之院

Kanon that gives baby made by Chugimon-annnoju”

柳谷観音楊谷寺 奥之院2

Green mapple trees and Hydrogeas collaborate very much.


walking down a slop while the main Hall amd Gomashitsu is right side.


various Kind od Hyfrogea are blooming.


How photogeenic !

Arriving at the Main Hall. Good job!

18th Hydrogeas Fdestival is held on June 24


On June 24 from 10 to 15and a hsalf clock, the Festival is held

  • Special open for treasure center
  • Hydrogea conxcert
  • Special Shop
  • Workshop etc

On June 24 Shuttle bus will be opeate.
Usually, this temple is not easy to reach by the public traffic,so I reccommend you to visit this chance.


(translation : Michy)