Ancient Forest



Ancient Forest

by ゆかり

To the ancient forest

Ukiyo wo ba Ima zo wakaruru Todomara nu
Nawo ba tadasu no Kami ni makasete


“Let’s leave to the god of “Tadasu no Mori” that the rumors about myself are going on now, and I will leave the hard world that we are living in.”

This poetry is “Waka” (Japanese poetry) written by Hikaru Genji in “Genji Monogatari” (The Tale of Genji).
“Tadasu”, which is being written here, is “Tadasu no Mori”.

This song is that seems to have entrusted my feelings to “Tadasu no Mori”.
Let’s visit the forest where the ancient people in Kyoto attracted the heart.

Through the Torii

Torii of Shimogamo Shinto shrine is vivid vermilion.
Beyond that, the forest grows green and dense.


Yes, “Tadasu no Mori” is the “Chinju no Mori”, sacred forests surrounding shrines of Shimogamo Shrine.


Fresh green covers the approach to the Shimogamo Shrine.
The sunshine is blocked by the lush trees, the inside of the woods is wrapped in dignified air.


The light over the green is soft and you can feel the clean air.
Why don’t you take a deep breath in the full of trees “Tadasu no Mori”?


In “Tadasu no Mori” over the torii, it is filled a sense of security that gently wraps the worshipers, and with a comfortable tension feeling that your back muscles stretch straightly.

I felt that I could understand a little why the ancient people in Kyoto directed their attention to “Tadasu no Mori”.

Mitarashi Festival

“Mitarashi Festival” is the shrine ritual of the Shimogamo Shrine, and held every five days before and after “Doyo Ushi No Hi” (the Midsummer Day of the Ox).


Although “Tadasu no Mori” is always quiet, the day of “Mitarashi Festival” is crowded with people who enjoy the festival.

“Mitarashi Festival” is called “Ashitsuke-Shinji”, the shrine ritual that attached the foot.
They put a foot in the water and pray for state of perfect health.

To be continued…

(translation : kazurooo)